U&I Music’s sign-on Olakira releases ‘Wakanda Jollof’ EP

Newest U&I Music’s sign-on Olakira releases his first body of work, the ‘Wakanda Jollof’ EP.

Adefemi Ebenezer, an Afro-pop and RnB artist known by his stage name, Olakira produces, composes, writes, sings and plays a wide variety of musical instruments. – drums, talking drums, keyboard, guitar, and saxophone. previously known by the stage name Ebenjazz, a producer and instrumentalist, producing and working with the likes of Dotman and Patoranking, he contributed immensely to the success of Dotman’s hit singles Akube and My Woman.

With his numerous experiences working on hits and learning from his peers, the newest U&I Music’s sign-on has honed his musical skills over the last couple of years and is now ready to take the Nigerian music industry by storm and to tell you just how ready he is, he picked a name, Olakira, which literally translates to “shining star” in Swahili.

Listening to ‘Wakanda Jollof’, one can tell the Afro-pop and RnB artist has a wide range of musical prowess he is eager to share with the music audience worldwide.

The ‘Wakanda Jollof’ EP is a brilliant mix of Afro-pop and dancehall tracks, inspired by the originality and ingenuity of the African modern sound and the global aspirations of Africans and solidified by the one thing that binds us all – the Jollof rice. This 7-track EP also shows that Olakira is as skilled as a producer as he is as a singer and songwriter. Of the 7 tracks on the EP, the artist produced two: Flirty Signal and Money Groove.

If you’re looking for music that’s easy to listen to and will get you in the mood to groove, Wakanda Jollof is definitely an EP you can dig into.

The ‘Wakanda Jollof’ EP is available on all platforms, including SoundCloudSpotifyApple Music/iTunes, and Youtube.